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Catherine Greenleaf

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PočaljiNaslov: Aragorn   Sre Jan 19, 2011 12:03 am

ARAGORN ~ son of Arathorn, 39th in the line of succession from Isildur, and 16th chief of the Dъnedain. In later years he would be known also as Elessar, Elfstone, and to some as Strider, a Ranger of the northern wilds and to fewer yet as the Chief of the Dъnedain. Aragorn was born March 1, 2931 of the Third Age, but he was just two years old when his father was killed by Orcs in 2933, while patrolling the wilds with Elrond's twin sons. His mother Gilraen then took him to Rivendell where Elrond embraced him as a foster son, and saw to the boy's upbringing. Aragorn was in fact a much-removed kinsman of Elrond, as his father's line descends from Elrond's brother Elros through many generations of Men. Throughout his childhood and youth Aragorn was known simply as Estel, which is Elvish for "Hope." His true ancestry was kept a secret, even from the growing boy himself, so that the spies of Sauron would not find Isildur's heir. Estel prospered under the guidance of both Elrond and Elrond's two warrior sons, growing into a young man of promise, but it was not until Estel/Aragorn was twenty years old that Elrond revealed his true lineage. Then Elrond also gave into his hand the Shards of Narsil, which sword was prophesied would be reforged in time, and Aragorn's ancestors' signet ring of Barahir. That same night Aragorn first beheld Arwen Evenstar daughter of Elrond, who had recently returned from her mother's folk in Lothlorien. She was walking by starlight in the silvered birchwood of Rivendell, and from that instant he loved her evermore. However, Elrond warned Aragorn that Arwen was far above all ordinary men, and if ever she would wed, it could be to no less a Man than the king of restored Arnor and Gondor. Aragorn then went into the wilds and took it upon himself to travel far and wide across Middle Earth, learning as much about its people and ways as possible, and also learning the arts of war and manhood. For thirty years he wandered, during which he and Gandalf met and formed a lasting a friendship. At some point he assumed the nom de guerre Thorongil, under which he served as a soldier under both King Thengel of Rohan and Ecthelion II Steward of Gondor, and met Denethor II, who would later be Boromir’s father and Gondor's future steward. Thereafter Aragorn returned to pledge his troth to Arwen, but long and perilous years yet lay ahead. In October 3018 at the Council of Elrond, he pledged his aid and faith to the Fellowship of the Ring. After the overthrow of Sauron and the unmaking of the One Ring in March 3019, he took up the reign of Gondor and Arnor and also the hand of Arwen Evenstar. His rule lasted for 122 years, during which his people prospered, whence he at last resigned the kingship to his son Eldarion and relinquished his life at the age of 210, on March 1st in the 119th year of the Fourth Age.


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