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 Izbačene scene

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Catherine Greenleaf

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PočaljiNaslov: Izbačene scene   Čet Jan 20, 2011 12:18 am

Many filmed scenes remain unused, even in the Extended Editions. Deletions include:

The Fellowship of the Ring

Additional footage from the Battle of the Last Alliance during the prologue.
An obscure shot from the trailers of two Elven girls playing about in Rivendell.
Scene mentioned in the commentary, about an animal disrupting Frodo and Sam while they sleep, after seeing the Wood Elves. Many animals were used, including rabbits and deer.[10]
Dialogue from the Council of Elrond, such as Gandalf explaining how Sauron forged the One Ring.[10]
An attack by Orcs from Moria on Lothlórien after the Fellowship leaves Moria. Jackson replaced this with a more suspenseful entrance for the Fellowship. Much of the lost footage can be seen as promotional material on The Fellowship of the Ring theatrical DVD and tie-in books, documentary footage on the Extended Editions, and Trading Cards.
Longer scene of Boromir trying to take the Ring.[10]
Frodo seeing more parts of Middle-earth when he put the Ring on.[10]
More battle footage from Parth Galen.[10]
An attack on Frodo and Sam at the river Anduin by an Uruk-hai.[10]

The Two Towers

More Arwen footage, including a flashback scene of her first meeting with a beardless Aragorn (seen in The Two Towers trailer).
Faramir having a vision of Frodo becoming like Gollum.[13]
Footage of Arwen at Helm's Deep, cut by Jackson during a revision to the film's plot. Foreshadowing this sequence were scenes where Arwen and Elrond visit Galadriel at Lothlórien (seen in The Two Towers trailer). The scene was edited down to a telepathic communication between Elrond and Galadriel.[13]
Théoden speaking to the troops in the armoury, prior to the Battle of Helm's Deep.
Éowyn defending the refugees in the Glittering Caves from Uruk-hai intruders.[29]
An unknown scene displayed in The Two Towers trailer of Éomer lowering a spear while riding his horse in a forest.
Frodo and Sam fighting on the ground in Osgiliath (after Sam tackles Frodo away from the Ringwraith). The scene's fighting was deleted, but Frodo drawing Sting and pointing it at Sam after he is tackled was left in.[30]

The Return of the King

A line of dialogue during the death of Saruman, in which he reveals that Wormtongue poisoned Théodred, giving further context as to why Wormtongue kills Saruman, and Legolas in turn kills Wormtongue.[31]
A conversation between Elrond and Arwen in a library in Rivendell, after Arwen decides to wait for Aragorn. Elrond leaves, saying, "You gave away your life's grace. I cannot protect you anymore."[32]
Sam using the Light of Eärendil to pass the Watchers at Cirith Ungol.
Aragorn having his armour fitted during the preparations for the Battle of the Black Gate. This was the final scene filmed during principal photography.[19]
Sauron fighting Aragorn at the Black Gate. A computer-generated Troll was placed over Sauron due to Jackson feeling the scene was inappropriate. Sauron is also seen in a beautiful form as Annatar, Giver of Gifts.[19]
Also at the Black Gate sequence, Pippin was seen in the trailer holding a wounded Merry.
Further epilogue footage, including that of Legolas and Gimli, as well as Éowyn and Faramir's wedding and Aragorn's death and funeral.[33]
Peter Jackson has stated that he would like to include some of these unused scenes in a future "Ultimate Edition" home video release (probably high-definition) of the film trilogy. They will not be re-inserted into the movies but available for viewing separately. This edition will also include outtakes.[34]

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PočaljiNaslov: Re: Izbačene scene   Ned Jan 23, 2011 6:16 am

Evo jedna sjajna bgm Very Happy ja se rusim svaki put Smile
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Izbačene scene
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